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ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR is an abbreviation for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. It is a system capable of recognising numberplates from closed circuit television (CCTV) images for various different uses. A sophisticated software optical character recognition (OCR) engine and algorithm converts camera images, via specialist video capture, into identifiable data. This allows the capture of critical information such as the registration of every vehicle entering a site. This information can be passed to the police to assist in the pursuit and identification of contraventions. Visual proof of parking contraventions with the corresponding time and date information can be provided as evidence and to avoid disputes.

Vehicle Monitoring and Management

  • Identify vehicles entering a site 24/7 even in severe weather conditions
  • Develop detailed driver and vehicle profiles to enhance security checks
  • Store information and records of all car park/site visits
  • Address parking overstay
  • Automate distribution delivery and collection
  • Create revenue

Staff and Visitor Management

  • Record entry and exit times
  • Provide information about journey times, vehicles and drivers between sites
  • Verify deliveries are made on time
  • Monitor behavior whilst in the parking area to ensure adherence to policies
  • Reduce staffing costs